Financial Services

Powering financials services with Data and AI for the institution of the future. Our solutions focus on delivering an integrated platform to help you deliver your AI objectives.

Financial Services is a major industry ripe for AI adoption

In the fast-paced world of financial services, the synergy of data and AI is a game-changer. Brace yourself for a revolution that goes beyond numbers—welcome to the future where innovation meets finance. A suite of AI solutions, including Generative AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and others can solve your most relevant challenging problems.
Our solutions provide an end-to-end solution to bring external/internal data together that focuses providing cutomizable AI soutions that integrate into your business.


An AI platform can benefit banks with fraud detection, risk management, personalized recommendations, and more. It uses machine learning and data analytics to detect financial anomalies, analyze credit risk in real-time, offer customer insights, and automate operations for improved efficiency. These solutions help banks offer better service and profits for customers and stay competitive.


Insurance companies leverage AI and Generative AI to increase efficiency, minimize risk, and improve customer satisfaction. With automated claims processing, fraud detection, and hyper-personalized offerings, insurers can cut costs and gain a competitive edge. Harness the transformative potential of AI today and elevate your insurance business to new heights with our help.

Wealth & Asset Management

Wealth and asset management industries extract value from daily data through data and AI solutions. Historical data is analyzed through AI algorithms providing real-time insights for informed decision making, optimizing asset allocation, and reducing risk. This enables wealth and asset management firms to improve client outcomes, operations, and reduce costs.

Private Equity

AI and Generative AI can transform Private Equity by enhancing portfolio companies. By analyzing data and simulating scenarios, these technologies can create more valuable investment theses, streamline processes, and uncover market trends. Firms must adopt these tools to stay ahead and drive long-term value for investors.

Data and AI Platform

An open source cloud platform that brings your data together to enable the ability to embed data and AI into every part of your business.

Kendra AI

Generative AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Models and Tools to enable you to build solutions and applications to suit your business.

Data Marketplace

Bring together all your data from external sources, to make it easier to ingest and integrate third party data into your business and applications

Flow Engine

Build orchestrations and flows that allow you to design, build and use workflows with data sources, AI models, and feed into other applications via APIs.