Enable AI across your enterprise without the pain

Bring your data together, Embed Generative AI into every application. Build Data Driven Applications.

Embed AI into every part of your enterprise

01. Integrate all your data

We provide 150+ open source data connectors to bring your data together from cloud services or internal systems.

02. Build your AI Models

We provide a open source library of AI Models, and a Marketplace for anyone to plug their models into our platform.

03. Build Applications

Rapidly build your AI applications and integrate them into every business process across your business.

04. Cloud Native

Your cloud native data platform, to easy migration to a serverless data solution.

Sustainability and ESG

Driving towards Net Zero is all about Data and applying AI models to help enterprises deliver real data solutions.

We help your enterprise to:
- Integrate all data for Sustainability
- Measure your carbon footprint
- Plan for Net Zero
- Embed Decisioning with data
- Offset your Emissions with one click

AI Customer Data Platform

Brinigng your customer data together is a large part of an enterprise challenges, especially integrating to your internal and customer facing applications.
- unify data from CRM, HR, marketing
- build end-to-end customer views
- embed personalisation into customer journey
- activation for improved engagement

Your Data Layer

Every enterprise should have a data layer. Bringing together all data across your business and integrate this data into every applications enables better visibility

A cloud data layer enables you to build scaled AI driven applications and more rapid development of new ones Our data fabric can then enable you to build more APIs

Data Science

Enable your data scientists to build applications rapidly without the need to also think about the data infrastructure, deployment and operation.
- create and manage models
- connect your data via APIs to apps
- build data science flows in a visual editor
- Extensible to suit your needs
- Open source



Data Fabric that provides a cloud native platform to help your bring your data together


Build your data flow and source data from 150+ applications in the cloud with our open source tools.

Data Science

Create and manage your AI Models from our marketplace or bring your own. End-to-end implementaion.

Serving Industry Digital and AI transformation

Media and Entertainment

Driven by data, an AI Customer Data Platform can help you scale.

Financial Services

We help you migrate to a cloud native data and AI solution.

Energy and Utilities

The drive toward Net Zero is a data driven transformation. We help drive this models and platforms.


SMEs and Startups need to grow business with data and AI from the ground up.


Driving Innovation through data

Innovative Thinking

We drive your growth with data. Digital Transformation and AI is fundamental.


Over 150 Open Source Connectors into well know applications to making it easy to source data.


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